“postcard from heaven”

“go to where you belong

never find the perfect situation

’til you know where you’re from”

[lyrics by Lighthouse Family]

7 Responses to ““postcard from heaven””

  1. Hey Lib… I love this photo. I’d pay you for a larger size of this one… 8×10 perhaps. 🙂

  2. Ok – minus the “pay you” part of it. 🙂 I think I’ll send you a 4×6 first, so you can make sure you like it when it’s printed.

  3. ahhh, I would like to be here in this photo about once a week or so…
    looks so peaceful.

  4. That is gorgeous, Elizabeth.

  5. From heaven – for absolute sure! Love the colors. So serene..and totally peaceful!!!

  6. I remember what it felt like to witness a scene like that……what a magical sight…..I am instantly transported to Big Sur……

    Lovely photo!

  7. jan: it really is. Though you could probably find a similar place of peace on Superior, which might be closer to you. 🙂
    toni: thanks
    marcie: I was so happy I drove out there when I saw the colors.
    ww: I’m glad it brought back memories

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