tea for two

This tea kettle makes me happy. I found it in San Francisco’s Chinatown and bought it for my mom. I suppose I could’ve bought myself one too but since I don’t like tea and prefer hot cocoa made with milk, I tend to use my tea kettle just to heat water for cooking and cleaning. However, if I ever start liking tea, or become the kind of person who uses a tea kettle for decorative purposes, this is definitely on my list.

11 Responses to “tea for two”

  1. That is a cool tea kettle. I have a very utilitarian stainless steel tea kettle, which I do use a lot during winter. I hope you’ve either already given this to your mom, or she doesn’t look at your site here! It’d ruin the surprise!! 😛

  2. oh! that is way cool!!! Ilove it. Is it as short as it looks? It looks tiny. I’m trying to imagine how many cups actually fit in it. I want one. LOL

  3. toni: Both are true. 🙂 I gave it to her, but she forgot to take it back home with her – so I figured it needed some photos while it was in my care.

    torm: it is! I’m not even sure it would hold 2 cups worth. 🙂

  4. I love its shape , I love it colour and I love tea.
    I think if you didn’t want to use it as a tea pot it would make a cool door stop, provided it was heavy enough.

    I live how you set the shot up in its news paper wrapping.

  5. Hi,
    That is one nice teapot ^_^ I love the dragonfly.
    Actually, they aren’t made to hold tea for normal tea cup amounts, but rather for smaller Chinese style teacups, so it can hold quite a lot in those terms.

  6. Definitely beautiful. As a tea drinker I am envious.



  7. Love these kinds of tea kettles. Nicely photographed.

  8. Okay. Get this. I went out shopping for a dress today – shopping in and of itself is a rare occasion for me – and I ended up at TJ Maxx. While wandering up and down the aisles after being dress defeated – I bumped into the EXACT SAME teapot! Well – exact by my daughters standards – the one I saw was actually brown and it had boars instead of dragonflies – but I thought it was pretty cool. I definitely want one – but it’ll have to wait – I was surprised by both the heft of the pot and the pricetag. LOL I’m glad you shared it here – I never would have known, nor would have it caught my eye at the store today. I do go on, don’t I?

  9. torm: How fun! It is definitely hefty, but I am surprised that it was pricey, esp. at TJMaxx. Hmmm .. perhaps a visit to SF is in order. I can just see the Mastercard commercial now. 😉

    plane tickets for two: $1000
    weekend hotel stay in the city: $300

    finally getting my teapot at a decent price: priceless

  10. liss: GREAT idea! A bookend might be another good use. I’ll remember these ideas the next time I see one.
    nmurillo: thanks for sharing that! I was not aware the tea cups were smaller; that’ll be a future gift idea I think.
    j: I think it’s beautiful too
    marcie: thanks

  11. That is too cute! I like tea, although I never use those decorative kettles…….I would like to now though 😉

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