please come home

By Elizabeth

August 30, 2008

Category: photography


At the moment, I am a bit obsessed with finding my neighbor’s missing kitten. Because I am stubborn. Because she is so little and cute and timid that I hate to think of her alone and scared. Most of all though, because Atlas loves her – and it is breaking my heart to watch him sitting and waiting patiently outside her patio, when she is not there to come out and tease him.

Anyway, I found a website yesterday with tips on what to do when a cat is lost, so now the area abounds with smelly tuna and sardine cans and I have been poking around in the dusk with a flashlight. I fear that I may not be endearing myself to the rest of my neighbors (well, the ones I haven’t enlisted to the cause yet). However, the tuna is gone from the area where I think she is most likely to be hidden, so I am a bit more optimistic this morning.

Oh – this is not a photo of the kitten. This is a photo of my sister’s cat, Kia. The kitten rather reminds me of Kia, except she is smaller.


6 Responses to “please come home”

  1. This image looks just like my cat, Vasia, who ultimately became diabetic. We gave him to 2 shots of insulin a day for 2 years before he succumbed.. He was a special guy. A real ankle chaser…lol
    Thanks for sharing the photo and bringing back more than a couple of memories. And I hope you find the little one.

  2. love the contrast of black and white!

  3. On our walk to the park yesterday, a woman in an SUV stopped me and asked if i had seen her kitten–gray with white spots. She looked like Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife. The woman, not the kitty. We haven’t seen the kitty.

  4. I love the lines of this photo and the black contrasting with the white. Beautiful Cat, too. Very Handsome.

    I hope the kitty shows up.

  5. Love the color of this kitty’s eyes. Hope you find your neighbor’s cat. Sad to think of her lost…

  6. louis: Vasia sounds like a special cat
    ann: thanks
    jen: I’m guessing that’s a show?
    kym: me too
    marcie: it is, especially when it’s pouring outside

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