a fun coincidence

I am wearing a favorite sweatshirt today. It’s almost ten years old, but it’s all broken in, comfy, and connects me to some fond memories. I cannot bring myself to throw it out.

Anyway, I was walking down the hall to the cafe this morning when two people passed by. One looked over, stopped, and said, “Does that say University of Sunderland?”


“That’s my last name! Sunderland!”

“How neat!”

“Is that the one in northern England?”


“That’s it! Did you go there?!”

“Yes, it was an exchange program.”

“Oh – I wish I had time to chat.”

With that brief conversation, my mind filled with happy memories – and also with the nagging reminder that my wedding gift for an old flat mate grows later and later. I have a year to send it, don’t I?

10 Responses to “a fun coincidence”

  1. That’s a cool photo. Yes, you have a year to send it. I have one I need to deliver to friends here in town, but I have to make it first. They were married last September. Times running out!

  2. I know what you’ll be doing this weekend then! 😉

  3. When I saw this photo come up, I caught my breath. Oh how I miss that little island. Lovely photo. And etiquette will say that you have a year, but I think its wonderful to have a reason to celebrate marriage even more than a year after the wedding!

  4. What a lovely building……I bet it was a wonderful experience….

    I can’t wait till I get to go overseas somewhere!

  5. Nice image. Love the colors and how you’ve captured this courtyard.

  6. Love that photo. Reminds me of the time I spent in Oxford, England- three weeks probably 15 years ago. (wow time flies!)

  7. Nice photo! What would the place be though, without the blue bench and doors? Goes to show how a splash of color can add so much more than just a splash of character.

  8. Consider for a moment, if there really is such a thing as Coincidence… 🙂

    I absolutely love stone buildings! Wonderful shot!!!!!

  9. jen: I’m sure you have even lovelier photos!
    ww: it was, one of the best things I’ve done
    marcie: thanks
    jan: I’m not sure if I got to see Oxford – I expect it was gorgeous!
    nora: very good point – your comment made me want to start splashing paint on my walls, LOL
    angela: I am considering .. 🙂

  10. Oh- I love this photo, love it….. and really…. I think the time limit on wedding gifts should be when their first baby is born… up until that time, it’s all good.

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