through another’s eyes

My sister Helen came with me when I drove from Oregon to Michigan last August. She’s here now, so she went through my photos to see if she wanted any photos from that trip. I was uploading her picks to Shutterfly and saw this one. It has never caught my eye before and – now that I see it – I do not know why. While the composition isn’t the greatest, it is exactly like the images I carry in my head of the Badlands. The undulating shapes. The colors. The layers. The otherworldly landscape. The haziness and dryness and heat. I loved all of it.


8 Responses to “through another’s eyes”

  1. Wow I can see why you like it. I am fascinated by the red lines of soil cutting into the rock and that these red lines are even visible in the mountain in the background. The rugged beauty must have been inspiring to see in real life.

  2. The layers are amazing… sort of reminds me of a place in Las Vegas that I saw (Red Rocks), though no were near as tall!

    It’s funny how sometimes you will discover something new about a photo that you previously didn’t see……

  3. Sometimes it takes someone else’s vision to open our eyes to what is in front of us. To some degree, your photo reminds me of the area in which I live – definitely different, but some similarities.

  4. Love the layers of rock strata. Really spectacular landscape!

  5. I think it’s the texture in the photo that makes it so interesting. I like it.

  6. plus, you get to say undulating.

  7. The haziness makes it almost seem like two photos superimposed on each other–making the photo seem surreal.


  8. liss: I love the red lines too.
    ww: it is similar to Red Rocks. That area was gorgeous too.
    toni: I guess I will have to get up to your area someday then. 🙂
    marcie: strata – that’s the word I was looking for!
    jan: I like the texture and layers.
    jen: LOL. I do love that word; it just rolls off the tongue.
    kym: that’s a great observation – I can see it now!

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