I never grow tired of this scene


10 Responses to “somehow”

  1. Wow what a stunning scene!
    I would never tire of that either.

  2. It looks a popular place and I can see why. You are lucky if you get to enjoy this at different times of the day as I imagine it is alway changing and the atmosphere would be every different early morning and in the evening too.

  3. j: an hour, give or take

    liss: the atmosphere is different – it’s fun to see the changes.

    jane: thanks

  4. You just can’t beat the ocean coupled with some beautiful rock formations……such a cool sight!

  5. WOW! I can see why you never grow tired of it. The rock formation is simply beautiful!!! Nice image.

  6. Looks like Cannon Beach, is it? My favorite Oregon beach. Jealous, again.

  7. that is so neat! I would love to come out there and take some photos with you…

  8. toni: it is!

    julie: you’re welcome anytime 🙂

    ww/marcie: you would love it!

  9. i agree completely. we are going to stay for the weekend at the anchorage there in Pacific city at the end of the month! small world. i love that 🙂

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