direct from the farm

I love farmers’ markets. For less than $15, I got all of this:

: 4 ears of corn

: 4 peaches

: 3 tomatoes

: 6 mini cookies

: 1 yellow squash

: 1 red pepper

: 2 bunches of scallions

: 1 bunch of spinach

: a bag of red potatoes


6 Responses to “direct from the farm”

  1. I don’t take advantage of them as much as I should, but I have been told that prices have gone up quite a bit at FM (just as with regular stores). Are you finding the same thing?


  2. I think the FM prices are still better than grocery store prices and the quality (taste) of the produce is much better. I’ve been stopping at the local FM once a week, since it opened at the end of July, and their price on corn on the cob has been coming down each time as the season has progressed. I haven’t really paid attention to the other produce, which I buy anyway, but the corn is definitely less expensive that at the grocery store.

  3. At least you know it is fresh at the FM rather then the supermarket. Maybe we will see a photo of some of these items in their end creation?

  4. Farmer’s Markets are so much fun…..too bad I never want to wake up early enough to go anymore….haha… got a great deal!!

  5. J: I’m afraid I haven’t noticed, but as far as I can remember, they don’t seem to be significantly higher than in recent years anyway.

    Liss: oops, they’re almost gone, so I’m afraid not. I turned most of them into a taco salad and we’re eating the rest as-is. 🙂

    WW: you should move to my neighborhood then; there’s one down the street that starts at 11 on Sundays. You’d just have to sleep in. 😉

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