let them eat cupcakes!

I was walking back to my car after a haircut on Friday when I happened to pass Cupcake Jones. Since I was heading to Astoria that evening to meet up with friends, it gave me the perfect excuse to buy. Truth be told, I would’ve stopped anyway. I love that place. And really, when is a cupcake ever a bad idea.


12 Responses to “let them eat cupcakes!”

  1. Yummy… now I’m inspired to make cupcakes like the ones we had. 🙂

  2. Unfortunately, I can never stop at just one.

  3. Okay, now those look good enough to eat!

  4. I want one of those for breakfast………Very yummy photo!

  5. I’ll take some of those please!

  6. Mouth-watering. Nice!

  7. well .. if any of you are ever in Portland, let me know and I’ll buy you a cupcake. 🙂

  8. I’ve been craving a good cupcake lately. These look delicious!

  9. yum!! you had to have tried at least one!

  10. i’ll be in portland in about a week…….so i’ll take a cupcake:)

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