a perplexed pup

Remember those handmade animated stories you made when you were little? Where each page would hold a slightly different image so when you flipped through the series quickly, you could see the image move? This series of images reminded me of that.

I can hear Atlas thinking:

“Why is he laying down in the water – ugh, water. There must be something good there.

I don’t see anything. But he’s in the water! No one would put their belly in the water for fun.

I still don’t see anything!

I give up. This dog is weird.”


5 Responses to “a perplexed pup”

  1. Cute series – too bad they are so dang small! Buddy doesn’t like water either, and he’s a Springer Spaniel. Go figure.

  2. nice story board, they both look like they love the beach even if Atlas is much of a fan of lying in the water. Glad to see him up and about too.

  3. Those images would be cool in an animated version…….

  4. HA! HA! Made me laugh. Love the series of images. Very creative!

  5. toni: I kind of like them small, though I couldn’t actually figure out how to enlarge them. I think I picked the wrong option. 🙂

    liss: he does love the beach, just not the water part of it. 🙂

    ww: they would!

    marcie: I laughed too, both when I saw the scene and when I saw the photos.

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