an unquiet heart

a heart murmur sounds like such a sweet thing

like your heart is whispering softly to you

telling you wonderful secrets

which perhaps it is

but I rather wish Atlas’ heart had not decided it wanted to chat


5 Responses to “an unquiet heart”

  1. Awe……hope he’s okay…..such a sweet photo.

  2. I hope he’s okay, too. My mom has had a heart murmur forever and she finally had to have a pace maker put in. Do they do that for dogs?

  3. Very sweet. Hope he’s okay. I’ve heard that dogs do just fine with heart murmurs.

  4. thanks, WW/toni/marcie: appreciate the kind thoughts. I’m hopeful he’ll be ok too. 🙂

  5. hugs to both of you.

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