cards by elizabeth

By Elizabeth

July 30, 2008

Category: crafty, photography


I love making cards. My biggest problem with the hobby, however, is that my great design ideas never seem to use the supplies that I already have, and I probably have enough supplies to make cards for years. Earlier this year, I decided that if I wanted to make any cards in 2008, I had to use existing supplies – no buying allowed.

The result – I have made no cards at all. Instead, I am turning my photos into cards.

I think that once the winter rains are here, I will spend a weekend or two devoted to card-making. Maybe that will provide inspiration, since I do like to have homemade cards on hand.

8 Responses to “cards by elizabeth”

  1. I like that shot, Elizabeth. I never got into card making or scrapbooking. I’m sure I would be like you, buying new supplies because what I had on hand just wouldn’t be quite right. I’ve got enough going on!!

  2. I hope you are able to squeak a llittle time into your busy life for card-making. You have a great knack for it! 🙂 I have also come to the same conclusion about using what you have on-hand already. Good luck in that! ha!

  3. Well you stuck to your gun about not buying supplies pity it slowed down production :). I am thinking I should make photo cards, it sounds likes a nice idea.

    BTW: please email me your address details so I can send you your prize:)

  4. Beautiful photo! Good you didn’t buy additional supplies. Maybe a little restriction can bring some creativity to the table.


  5. I’ll look forward to seeing the cards you make.

  6. toni: yes – or else I get attached to a design and want to keep stocking up on supplies for it. I always want to make the card in this photo, but I have no more daisy paper, and it just isn’t the same without it. Sniffle .. You have glass-making! I imagine that needs even more supplies!

    angela: ha – thanks. Good luck to you too!

    liss: photos work very well! I even found a company that makes sticky post-card backs that you can stick on your photos and turn them into postcards. Now that was ingenious – and an easy way to keep in touch.

    j: I hope!

    marcie: thanks – too bad you didn’t say “new cards” though as I have lots of photos of previously made cards, like this one 😉

  7. I’m impressed with your design capabilities. That shot is wonderfully done.

  8. i love your cards! whether they’re from stock or photos, they’re always brilliant! 🙂

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