it’s not easy being green

so my photo of a green smoothie from earlier this year did not entice anyone to try them

perhaps this one will

because I finally figured the color thing

the trick is to add only the fruit and blend thoroughly, and then add the greens

this is my favorite variation so far – a pint of blackberries, a third of a bunch of rainbow chard, a peach, a banana, and water


4 Responses to “it’s not easy being green”

  1. Chard?? I don’t know about that. 😛 I just got done with a smoothie for dinner – frozen peaches and strawberries, a little skim milk, and some vanilla yogurt. Now that’s yummy!

    Chard, huh?

  2. Love the color! Looks yummy – everything but the chard!!!

  3. well, i must say that looks much more appetizing than the green:)

  4. mmm…. i’ll be right over! keep putting up photos like this and i FOR SURE will come visit. 😉

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