who knew ..

.. that two fruits could make such a delicious sandwich

all they need is a base (bread or rice cakes or crackers or a thick leafy green) and a dash of coarse sea salt

when tomatoes are in season, this is one of my favorite meals


8 Responses to “who knew ..”

  1. whoa. you’re tracking with the Pioneer Woman today. Same food – same plan! 🙂
    I think I have to check out the new local produce market tomorrow….

  2. I agree… tomatoes in season and avocados all of the time are yummy…

  3. oh, it makes me hungry. I am waiting!!!!! for fresh, sun ripened tomatoes. I’ve got green cherry tomatoes in the garden, I go out and look at them every day!

  4. Yum!! geat toasted too.

    Congratulation as you one my giveaway:) pop over to read the details.

  5. Hey……I can’t seem to find an email for you.

    I replied to your comment, thought we could go back and forth through email to try and work out your current photoshop issue…….my email is located on my profile.

  6. A drizzle of Oaxca Mama salsa would make it perfect!

  7. sharyn: I just had her version for dinner, minus the cream cheese/scallions – and minus the sprouts, sniffle, the market didn’t have any. Yummy too.

    amy: 🙂

    jan: soon!

    liss: yay – thanks!

    kym: I’ve never had that brand. I’ll have to look for it.

  8. yummy yum yum! after our trip to mexico in feb, avocados have become a new favorite of mine. 😛

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