ghost in the glass

I work with a guy who has the most incredible voice. Really. We all think so. Happily, he’s also a musician and he has a new CD out – Ghost in the Glass. I’ve been listening to it this week and love it. You can check out the songs on his website while you’re waiting to purchase the CD – and yes, I think you all should.

If you want my recommendations on what to listen to ..

: my favorite songs are If I Ever Did, Frozen Smiles, Fall Away, and Autumn’s Song

: If I Ever Did and Counting Quietly always get me teary-eyed (I used to listen to the first one over and over while working away in my cubicle so this was rather problematic)

You know, I was thinking that it must be so neat to write your own songs. Can you imagine knowing that people are listening to your songs, and singing along with them, and that your words might even touch their hearts in some way?!


On a humorous note, I was listening to Autumn’s Song and it got me to thinking. I make up songs for Atlas all the time. There’s one to the tune of Oh My Darling Clementine that goes something like “Brown he was and very furry and his nose was very large ..”, and another to the tune of Eternal Flame that goes something like “Close your eyes, please go to sleep puppy, I can see that you’re tired, why are you fighting me ..”, and so on. Perhaps a CD is in my future too! I am quite sure that there are people who would be willing to pay me money NOT to get one. Heh.


2 Responses to “ghost in the glass”

  1. Thanks for the recommendation. Will definitely check-it-out. Like how you photographed the CD. Very creative!

  2. It’d be neat to be talented enough to compose songs. ‘Curly Top’ in England played me some songs on his guitar that he’d written and they were pretty good….story songs.

    I make up goofy songs about/with the kids all the time….it’s funny to hear them singing them and not really knowing what they’re about.

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