I have conquered a mountain!

the mountain, in this case, being the use of layers in Photoshop – hurrah!

all thanks to an article in the latest Outdoor Photographer and a post by the Wayfaring Wanderer

and, while I have not quite mastered the art of completely blending two photos (I need this for a fantastic Christmas card idea for my coworkers involving Atlas and a cubicle), I am rather proud of my new Inca trail collage


6 Responses to “I have conquered a mountain!”

  1. Only one thing left to do: actually make the climb to machu pichu…



  2. Very nice! Layers will change your life (and how you use photoshop!).
    Have fun.

  3. Is that Machu Picchu? It looks like it, I would love to go there……..beautiful!

    Did you end up using the concrete texture? If so, please send me a link to the photo used and I will include it with my next posting! I’m so glad that you have broke on through to the other side…………

  4. Congrats on the PS breakthrough! It is such a fun program to play with. I’m jealous of your traveling adventures – looks like fun. šŸ™‚

  5. Isn’t Photoshop fun? So much you can do…..so much time you can waste….

  6. jack: someday!

    marcie/toni: I’m excited too.

    becca: yes, poor Atlas waited and waited for his evening kitty hunt last night while I was distracted.

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