a simpler life

Of all the things I have done to simplify my life – to live in the moment – to stop and smell the roses – the biggest impact has come as a result of the pup. On hot summer evenings of late, I sit outside on a lawn chair after work so that he can watch the kitties next door. Enjoying the cool breeze and shade. Sipping a cool drink. Reading a good book or magazine. Watching clouds swirl overhead. Chatting with my neighbors. Watching black cats playfully chase bugs and leaves across the bright green grass. Laughing at Atlas as he quivers with excitement. Just being. I have never felt so relaxed and stress-free. Yet another reason why I adore him.


5 Responses to “a simpler life”

  1. My babies do the same thing for me…. sometimes it’s the opposite but most of the time they just make me stop and be.

  2. So important to have something in your life that soothes and relaxes. Enjoy!

  3. I miss having a dog. He is now with my mom; way too much responsibility for one busy person to have. But hey, that’s the reason I’m embarking on this vol simplicity adventure! 🙂



  4. julie: I can see how that would be the case.

    marcie: agree! thanks!

    jack: absolutely! though in my case, getting the pup happened to provide the impetus for my own adventure. 🙂

  5. There is a lot to stopping to smell the roses, isn’t there? I have been trying to do more of that.

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