yesterday, I had an epiphany

I was running on the beach – sand in my eyes, hair in my face, getting pelted with raindrops, feeling soggier and sogger. Yet, as always seems to happen when I am on the beach in inclement weather, I felt so alive.

On the drive home, I was pondering why this is. Suddenly, it occurred to me. The force of the wind and rain, along with the pounding of the surf, combine to drive everything else out of my head. All I am left with is me, completely and utterly present in that one moment. Is it any wonder I feel so alive?

[As a side note, you can see the wind acting on Atlas’ ears. He was very bothered by their movement, and kept trying to shake them back into place. I, on the other hand, followed him around, trying to capture the flying ears in motion. Heh.]


5 Responses to “yesterday, I had an epiphany”

  1. Such a handsome guy, misplaced ears and all. Lovely photo – I think it deserves framing.

  2. If you are out on the beach early in the morning and can feel the midst, it is one of the best things to feel as the day starts.

  3. Amazing how running can make you feel like there is nothing more important or exciting than THIS moment. I know the exact feeling!

  4. Marcie: so true! I feel the same when trail running – nature and running, what could be better!

    Christopher: agree completely!

    Toni: thanks! I like misplaced ears photos; they make me smile. 🙂

  5. Nice shot of a nice dog 🙂

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