a rainbow of flavor

I made roasted chard for dinner (minus the cream, as I didn’t have any on hand). It was excellent, well worth the oven heat. Though now I am wondering if you can grill chard.

8 Responses to “a rainbow of flavor”

  1. It looks good enough to eat! Those zukes look really good, too!!

  2. Beautiful colors. Don’t think I’ve ever seen chard quite this colorful~

  3. Every time I think I’m getting better, I come here and look at ordinary turned to extraordinary. You make me drool!

  4. I rarely see it in the store, but it is so pretty!

    kym: that’s what I think when I see your photos!

  5. Awesome picture!! I love the colors in there!!!! What kind of camera/lens are you using these days? (BTW, couldn’t help you out with the chard…truthfully, I don’t think I’ve ever used/bought it!)

  6. Nikon D40 and 50mm lens – though at some point, I should really try one of the other lenses 🙂

  7. i, too, grow swiss chard…and always get more than i need of too tired to havest YET another crop..
    give to neighbors..
    but what i do is pick and wash or NOT..
    them put in lg baggies and put into my small frezzer..then when frozen i take it out and which still in the baggie…i sweeze it up into small pieces and then when i make soups…cassorols…brown rice ect..
    i ad enough as i feel i can get away with without overwhemiing the dish and it’s healthy and yummy…
    i’ve added it to spanish rice….my own recipe for this…yummy..
    hope this helps some..

    • just put this comment so i will be notifyed if commented on..
      forgot to check the box for that and tryed to re enter and it would not do it..

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