splish, splash

This lab was hilarious. Each time someone would fill the water dish, he’d splash it all out again.

On a completely unrelated note, I may have figured out one of Atlas’ quirks! When he is really excited and playful, he nips. Thankfully, after much focus on this when he was a puppy, these nips almost never hurt me. There have been times, however, when his excitement is so overwhelming that he slips. And I squeal. When I picked him up from Double Dog Ranch this past Sunday, he was so excited that he managed to bite completely through my jeans and drew blood. Man, it hurt! And I really squealed.

Anyway, when we were out for our after work walk to the mailbox, something occurred to me. Every day when I come home, he picks up whatever is nearest to the door – whether it’s my slipper, his squirrel, his Kong, or something else – and carries it around in his mouth for about 15 minutes or so, and then he lets me take it. If I manage to get it away from him, his teeth chatter with excitement until he gets it back.

I wonder if he does that so he doesn’t get carried away with his nips and hurt me?! This is a fascinating thought.


One Response to “splish, splash”

  1. If you don’t already do this, I’d suggest bringing a toy to toss to Atlas when you go to pick him up from his days at the ranch. Then his bite will encompass that instead of you! Ouch!!!!! 🙂 What a funny quirk!

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