a great dane

By Elizabeth

June 25, 2008

Category: dogs, photography


I always love the photos on slobberspace, yet somehow I never manage to remember my camera when I’m heading to the dog park. Today, I did.

Poor Atlas, I abandoned him in order to follow this Great Dane around. His coloring was so remarkable – especially the solid black color of one front leg. According to the owner, the coloring is called Harlequin.


7 Responses to “a great dane”

  1. And here I was thinking ‘Holstein’ …as in cow…he looks like one and is maybe just about big enough to pass for one….gorgeous dog. I’ll bet Atlas was jealous.

  2. Holstein, humph. LOL. By the way, I was about to blame your comment for the fact that a search on “rumbling moo, blog” pulled up my blog, until I remembered the post titled “moo yogurt for me”. Heh.

    Alas, Atlas doesn’t love Great Danes, so he was probably more worried than jealous.

  3. I love great danes. Nice capture.

  4. I love Great Danes and this one is a handsome fellow but the photo you took is incredibly sharp and has such depth. I want to do that!

  5. Interesting coloring. I think Atlas is cuter. Also, we saw a Weimaraner on our treacherous walk home last night from getting ice cream. I was convinced that we were going to be struck by lightning multiple times, especially since Katherine was carrying both cell phones. I told her to give me one so we would have an equal opportunity to be struck. She said that she would prefer to be struck and me available to resuscitate her, rather than the other way around. Anyway, the dog we saw was cute – reminded us of Atlas.

  6. Amy: I love Atlas, but this is one good-looking dog. 🙂

    Kym/Marcie: glad you enjoyed it!

  7. i’m sure atlas was happy to have a respite from you following him around all the time:)

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