you know it’s summer when ..

.. farmers’ markets are in full swing

I am slowly trying to visit them all

this weekend, I hit the Lake Oswego farmers’ market

so far, this one is my favorite


5 Responses to “you know it’s summer when ..”

  1. I love farmers’ markets also. I’m just curious why is this one your favorite?

  2. good question — they had a great selection of fruits & veggies; vendors that sold strawberry shortcake, restaurant-worthy omelettes, fun fruit drinks, and lots of lavender products (I was running low on lavender linen water); lots of parking; kids who will watch your dog while you wander the market; and I love the location (Lake Oswego is a cute town, it reminds me of that suburb of Mpls that is on the water and has {insert suburb name} Days in the summer – Minnetonka, maybe, it’ll come to me later)

  3. I haven’t hit town on Farmer market days yet this summer. I’m going to have to fix that!

  4. Our Farmer’s Market just got up and running again after the flooding. I’ll have to try and get there on Wednesday. Good reminder.

  5. That sounds wonderful! I think I need to go visit one shortly…

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