“I left my heart in San Francisco ..”

By Elizabeth

June 20, 2008

Category: art, photography, travel


That is a song, right? I should figure out who sings it.

Regardless, I do love San Francisco. I really should have stayed for the weekend. But the visit was good ..

: an excellent web writing class

: meeting other like-minded people (personally and professionally)

: chatting over lunch at the Nob Hill Cafe with a fellow attendee, and over dinner in Chinatown with another

: the rental car that kept beeping at me for no apparent reason

: Lush (oh – the photos I could’ve taken in that store – it’s a shame they didn’t allow them)

: the beefeater in front of the hotel

: Union Square and the cable cars

: hills, hills, hills

: my near-driving-mishap (let’s just say that I do not mind driving in the city, but the stop lights are not always very prominent and my brain had a momentary lapse in judgment)

: the Grace Cathedral


6 Responses to ““I left my heart in San Francisco ..””

  1. Sounds like a wonderful time!

  2. I like this picture. 🙂

  3. Great photo! I love the color against the black and white (Isn’t Tony Bennet the one who sings I left my heart in San Francisco?”

  4. Kym: I think you’re right!

  5. So glad you enjoyed San Francisco… did you attend BlogHer?

  6. I didn’t. I was there for a NN/g web writing course. I wish it aligned though – that Shutter Sisters photo walk would’ve been fun to join!

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