looking forward

to a new week

how about you?


4 Responses to “looking forward”

  1. hah.
    Have to tell you – at first glance…I thought that was his tail. And that your last week musta really stunk
    but now I realize/think – it’s his ear. and you’re looking forward
    It’s been a long day

  2. Hahaha. I have to agree with Sharyn. At first glance I had noooo clue as to what that was and then as my eyes focused a litle bit more I thought it was some kind of butt with a little tail. And then I realized it was his head! And that was his ear! Wow. I need to step away from the computer.

    Awesome perspective.

  3. This is funny .. maybe I should’ve had his ear in focus instead. But that would be one funny looking butt & tail! Heh.

  4. LOL it took me a minute to realize what that was.

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