atlas and the ‘fraidy-cat

This little kitten is afraid of everything. Her owner said it took 12 days before she even let him touch her. Since she arrived–many months ago–Atlas has been stalking her relentlessly. [From a distance, anyway.] To a kitten, I imagine he looked quite scary. Full hunt mode. Crouched low to the ground. Eyes fixated on her. Stepping oh-so-slowly closer and closer to the screen door.

One night, he was crouched outside her patio as usual. All of a sudden, she ran outside, ran up to him, sniffed his nose, then ran back inside.

The next night, he was crouched behind her patio fence. She sidled up to the fence, stuck her head around the corner, sniffed him, and ran back inside. Soon, she was giving him little kisses on his nose and paws. His tail was quivering madly – a doggy metronome.

Last night, she came out again to say hello. I just wish I knew how he managed to win her over!


9 Responses to “atlas and the ‘fraidy-cat”

  1. What a story!!!!

  2. So cute. 🙂 I’m sure it’s just that he’s so friendly… She’s a cute kitty…. looks like Ty.

  3. amy – I know he’s friendly, but he doesn’t look friendly when he’s hunting. That is what is so puzzling ..

  4. yay!!…….how cute, now he doesn’t need to dream of kia:)

  5. Cute photo. Cute story. 🙂

  6. That is an adorable photo and the story just makes it better.

  7. Oh my word, I LOVE this story! Thanks for sharing it – and the photo is fabulous!

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