a bird in the hand

I re-learned the game of Rook this afternoon. Fortunately, it was in time for a win, possibly due to all the years I spent playing the game “back in the day”.

I must, however, credit my sister Helen for the photo idea. She was having fun with my camera while I played, and stopped to show me a similar photo. I liked it enough that I made her take my hand and pose, so I could get my own version of the shot.

Thanks, Helen!


5 Responses to “a bird in the hand”

  1. Great pic, hope that you are having a great weekend. Call me if you want to do lunch if you are still around….

  2. wish I could, but I flew home last night! This was a short family-only weekend. You’ll get a call next time. 🙂

  3. I love the picture- all of the other hands in the background, very cool… on a different note- I never could hold my cards like that….

  4. I understand….Bruce was working this weekend anyway

  5. Once again- great picture! I love Rook!!!

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