what’s up?


we’re in the middle of record temps – it’s almost 90 degrees now and it’s only noon

hot weather means a weekend trip to the coast so I filled up the gas tank at lunch

for the first time ever, I spent over $40 on a fill-up

on the way home, I noticed what must be the eighth or ninth Starbucks within 2 miles of my apartment

I think dinner will consist of a frappe from Iron Mutt

apparently I have started my summer diet early this year – fruit and salad and ice cream and iced drinks (really, how can you eat anything else in hot weather?)

and happiest of all, Atlas has managed to make friends with the neighbor kitty! she is afraid of everything, and has been afraid of him for months, but last night she sidled up to him as he was stalking her and gave him kisses on his nose and paws


6 Responses to “what’s up?”

  1. I keep coming back to this shot. The colors, the diagonal line from nose to stick–lovely!

  2. great photo! wow… 90s! yeesh!

  3. amy – I know! I am just not ready ..

    kym/sharon: I love it too. 🙂

  4. That’s a great shot! It’s 95° here right now. I can’t remember having to turn on the air conditioning this early before. It’s a crazy mixed up spring!

  5. toni: if I had a/c, it would be on too. 🙂

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