stop the madness

By Elizabeth

May 6, 2008

Category: photography, plants


or at least, the tulip photos, I imagine you’re thinking

but the season is short

and they are one of my favorite flowers


really, I should have ordered some when I was at the tulip farm

I could plant them in long narrow containers on either side of my front door

wouldn’t that be pretty?!


4 Responses to “stop the madness”

  1. Elizabeth,

    I’ve switched to the Monotone theme, too. How do you like it for your blog? I miss not having the widgets.


  2. I’m trying to decide. I absolutely love the archive page, and it does a good job of matching colors, but I am not sure I love the fact that now it requires scrolling to see the entire main page post and that it doesn’t seem to want me to use bullets.

  3. I agree, the archive page is great. I’ve noticed on the few posts where I had more than one photo posted, there is now only one. Don’t really like that aspect. I’ll leave like this for a while and see how it goes.

  4. Yes – I discovered that. I went through the effort of turning each of those posts into multiple posts, just so the photos would be saved for posterity. Though now it occurs to me that if I change back, the effort will be wasted. Oh well.

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