what’s your style

By Elizabeth

May 5, 2008

Category: photography, plants


Yesterday, my sister Amy and I were discussing decorating style, and whether any elements of it can be attributed to an individual’s mother’s decorating style.

While the two of us do not happen to have the exact same style, there were a few elements that seemed to fit:

  • We are willing to spend money on art.
  • We will not buy a piece of art that we do not absolutely love (personally, I think this is a good rule in general).
  • If we need to buy something major, we are willing to wait until we find just the right item, even if it takes years.
  • We do not like knickknacks.
How about you?

9 Responses to “what’s your style”

  1. I’m not a fan of knickknacks either. Too much to dust.

  2. so true. I have horrible memories of house-cleaning for a friend’s grandmother when I was younger – and having to dust shelves covered with those ornate Russian beer steins. It took forever.

  3. The art references remind me of your mom and her Ellen T paintings. I remember Amy saying she wanted to decorate entirely with photographs of places she’d been…or something along those lines.

    My preferred style is “cottage” but I am not so good at getting it so I guess I have no style….but I do love having old things mixed in with the new. I love all my old pieces of furniture…and wondering what their stories are.

  4. yes, I think that’s partly why we love art so much, though we have very different styles.

    Hmmm .. that’s right! I’ll have to remind her of that. Amy – if you’re reading this – I think you have a few that do not fit the bill! I mean .. when were you floating in a red sky? 😉

  5. I like things simple and clean. I’m not a big fan of knickknacks either. If I had money to spend for art, I would.

  6. oh – Becca – that would be interesting, regarding the furniture. Heh. It also reminds me of the Friends episode where Rachel convinces Phoebe that the Pottery Barn items she bought are from flea markets.

    Lisa – I like simple and clean as well.

  7. For a while I had a similar style to my mother, but as I’ve gotten older and influenced by other things and other people, including my sons, my style has changed. I prefer simple and uncluttered, as well. Plus, I don’t like having to dust knick-knacky type items. I do have an antique china hutch where I keep all that kinda stuff, so I can still see it, but not have to dust it.

  8. Not into knickknacks…like clean and crisp decorating in my home but with a blend of old and new. I like pieces with a story/meaning behind them. I enjoy and appreciate how others decorate even if their style and mine are different…it would be boring to see the same things everywhere you went.

  9. sue – agree.

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