so I’m back in California for meetings

and am reminded of many fun years

and of having my dear friend Jenny and her family just down the street

and of how much her children have grown since that time


4 Responses to “memories”

  1. What a beautiful little girl, I’ll see those cute little kids in 6 wks!! Yay can’t wait…
    Lets see if it’ll let me post this comment now grrrr…!

  2. Well this must be the day, I’ve tried commenting on your site and Julie’s and it would never let me, and now tonight it let me post on both of yours, go figure!

  3. A while back there were pics of this little girl and her sibs. I remember thinking that I didn’t know who “Jenny” was, but that she sure has cute kids! Now I’m reading comments from Anna and it’s finally clicking…Jenny and Anna! Beautiful babies, Jenny. How great that you girls can still visit one another!

  4. anna – LOL. I’m sure the 6 weeks will fly by!

    nora – you’ve got it!

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