when I am on the coast

I feel like it is where I belong


6 Responses to “when I am on the coast”

  1. Ahh, right now I am envious. I do like the water too. Most any water, just right now not frozen though…:)

  2. “I feel like it is where I belong”

    Me, too.

  3. I feel the same way about Minnesota. It’s the feeling. You just know it.

  4. I agree, especially if it’s on the east coast at the tip of Cape Cod. 🙂 Atlas looks like he’d agree with you.

  5. I wonder if growing up near a large body of water has anything to do with it….I love living near Lake Michigan and would feel slightly lost in a place where there are no large lakes/bodies of water. Gorgeous shot of Atlas.

  6. Jan – soon.

    Amy – it’s funny that we each like opposite coasts.

    Becca – no doubt. I think that’s why I am partial to wilder bodies of water, with rocky shorelines, cliffs .. Calm lakes and warm sandy beaches are fine and all, but I find them rather dull.

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