a study in black and white

It’s been a very busy week, so poor Atlas has gotten a bit less play-time than usual. I gave him a special treat today to make up for it – an empty toilet paper roll. What can I say, he is easily pleased! Possibly he would’ve enjoyed the treat more if I hadn’t been in his face with my camera – flash on.

I didn’t love the lighting in any of the photos, so I thought I’d use one to create my own piece of weimaraner art.


2 Responses to “a study in black and white”

  1. What an adorable shot! My dog would look at me as if I were crazy if I gave her an empty toilet paper roll LOL.

  2. Lauren – LOL. Atlas loves them! I’m always trying to hide them, to slip them out of the house when he’s not looking – because I’m not sure cardboard is really that good for him. He finds them. In fact, the second one is emptied, he is usually there immediately – waiting. LOL.

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