please tell me why

Almost every time I go into the bathroom, the pup runs into his crate. The ear cleaner, you see, is under the bathroom sink, so he must be prepared. He sits there, nervously waiting to see if it is safe to come out. [His crate is his safe place, so I never clean his ears while he’s in there.]

The thing that puzzles me? When I call from the bathroom, “Atlas, silly, get out of there,” he ignores my request to come out and immediately turns in a circle and plops himself down in the crate instead.



2 Responses to “please tell me why”

  1. It’s because his first instinct is to protect himself, but when you call him, he remembers that he trusts you… I don’t know. I’m not a dog psychologist.

  2. Doggone it, I wasn’t clear .. when I tell him to come out – that it’s safe – he ignores me and instead of coming out, he actually lays down in the crate. That’s what makes me laugh. Clearly there is no trust there. Though to be fair, he probably hears, “Atlas, blah, blah, blah ..”

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