the internet – bringing us all just a bit closer together

I received a fun piece of mail the other day – a package from an artist in Tucson who used two of my weimaraner photos on pbase as inspirations for paintings. The package included a bunch of cards, all made from prints of the paintings. Wasn’t that sweet of her?!

Since one of the photos was of a previous coworker’s weimaraner, I sent half the contents along to him, and will happily enjoy the rest myself. I hope that anyone who purchases one of the paintings enjoys it as much as I will enjoy these cards. And I am so happy that the two weimaraners I am fondest of have been immortalized on canvas.


5 Responses to “the internet – bringing us all just a bit closer together”

  1. Very cool. She does a really nice job! Did you know about this ahead of time, or was it a total surprise? 🙂

  2. julie/lauren: aren’t they?!

    jennifer: she put a note on pbase in February to let me know that she had used them – and to see if I minded if she posted the photos on her website. That note was a lovely surprise!

  3. I remember when you told me about this… neato. 🙂 Atlas is an artist’s model… cool. 🙂

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