tried and true friends

4 trail runs since last Sunday

around 20 miles

life is good – and muddy


when I was out on the trails on my birthday, I realized that when I am not trail running regularly, it’s as if a piece of me is missing

it is the one thing that clears my mind and completely centers me

also, it is fabulous exercise for the four-legged one that shadows me everywhere


now, if I could only remember this fact when winter grows long and dreary and I am tired of the mud


3 Responses to “tried and true friends”

  1. Good for you! I wish my kids were as excited as your dog to go out and walk trails. 🙂

  2. There really is no other form of exercise that compares to running as a source of therapy. Well, in my opinion, anyway! 🙂

  3. julie – oh man .. you should hear how excited he is – he loudly proclaims his excitement the whole windy long 10 or so miles to the trailhead. LOL. I don’t know if you want to have quite that much excitement.

    cyndi – true dat. Though for me it’s not so much the running as it is the running on trails. Hiking has a similar effect, though not quite as intensified.

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