“time keeps on slipping ..

.. into the future”

much like this stream of water, running down the drain


all last year, my little sister kept telling me that I was “in my 30s”

I disagreed, saying that 30 is 30, it is not “in your 30s”

now that I am 31, I guess I have officially crossed over



2 Responses to ““time keeps on slipping ..”

  1. Happy Birthday yesterday!! I wasn’t on the computer at all and am terrible about cards….even my poor DH doesn’t get them on any regular basis…so this will have to suffice….I hope i twas a good one….now you’re officially in your 30’s…I’ve still got another 5 months to go. =)

  2. It’s so strange how 31 is somehow different than 30. I thought nothing of turning 30, but now that 31 is approaching, it just feels different… 🙂 Odd…

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