“friends are to people like sunshine is to flowers”

I am fond enough of the below photo that I really do not want another one to supplant it. However, since I guess I do not want to end my blog, it must be done.

Inspired by “It’s All Too Much”, I have been doing even more paring down of my stuff. And believe you me, if the author were to see my home, he would think that I do not require his services – at all. However, as part of that process, I started reading through the letters I’ve received from friends over the years.

Reading the letters is a great reminder of two things:

  • : I used to write fabulous letters, and I really should make an effort to acquire the skill again.
  • : More importantly, my life has been extremely blessed with regard to friendship.


So – this post is a tribute to the friends I have made, and continue to make. You really are appreciated and loved, whether I do a good job of showing my appreciation and love, or not.

[Note that this also applies to family members who are friends, even if you never write to me. Tee-hee.]


9 Responses to ““friends are to people like sunshine is to flowers””

  1. Letter writing is obviously not as popular what with the internet and all… damn shame.

  2. Oh, I know. And I am guilty of it myself – it’s just so much quicker to type something out and email it, hence the reason my handwriting has deteriorated. But I am resolved to start again ..

  3. Hi Elizabeth, Nice pic. I like letter better than e-mail really. E-mail is very convinient and I use it everyday though. Letter can tell our feeling much better than e-mail. πŸ™‚

  4. Hi Lib. I don’t even email anymore, so…. πŸ™‚ I appreciate your frienship as well. Happy Birthday today! πŸ™‚

  5. Very neat picture! Happy birthday!

  6. Happy Birthday! Hope it’s special!

    I like this picture.

  7. I gather from the comments that today is your birthday so Happy Birthday!!!

  8. thanks for the birthday wishes, Amy/Julie/Jennifer/Sue !!!

  9. I wish handwriting letters was as easy as e-mail. It is always so special to receive a handwritten note. I should send more…

    I appreciate you and your friendship! Hope your birthday was happy!

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