blowin’ in the wind

it does look like this tulip is blowing in the wind

except it’s not

it’s falling apart

poor tulip


oh – I was playing around with the manual settings: 50mm, SOOC, ISO 800 (I forgot to change it), f2.8

3 Responses to “blowin’ in the wind”

  1. it’s falling apart gracefully though…. it should be happy about that. 🙂
    Pretty soon you’re not going to like auto… I’m telling ya..

  2. I love botanical photos, this being no exception. When I needed a camera last year while on vacation, I decided against splurging on a “good” one and just just grabbed a small $190 point-and-shoot. Which serves its purpose well, but your pics are making me wish I’d splurged instead.

  3. julie: likely true! somehow , I always think that manual will be harder than it really is, and that my photos won’t turn out. Must force myself ..

    nora: this camera and lens are definitely making me happy. I am fond enough of this photo that I do not want to post a new one on top of it. LOL. I think it depends, though .. on what you are taking photos for – though I have read that the ratio of ‘keeper’ photos really does increase as camera quality increases (the exception being someone – we shall not mention names – who is trying to figure out a new 50mm lens 😉

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