yellow sunshine

I am not generally a fan of yellow, but these daffodils were gorgeous! They brightened up the day nearly as much as a warm yellow sun would have done.

7 Responses to “yellow sunshine”

  1. Ahh, I am jealous. I could really use a sniff of these right now. The rate we’re going, we won’t see this sorta stuff for a long time!

  2. jan – soon!

    paul – thanks!

  3. I’d love a print of that for my kitchen if you ever do that sort of thing…

  4. I’ve never seen daffodils of that variety. They look exactly like tulips 😉

  5. that’s kind of funny, becca, because they really are daffodils. My flower knowledge is minimal, but maybe tulips and daffodils look a lot alike??

  6. Funny! 🙂 I thought they were tulips, too! I didn’t realize that daffodils looked like tulips before they opened.

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