a new learning curve

I figured out how to get the lens off my camera – yay! [Well, if I must be honest, one of my coworkers showed me.] Anyway, I thought I should test out my 50mm lens.
It is definitely going to take some practice. Maybe 5 minutes, 90 photos, and one sleepily agreeable subject later, I wound up with only a handful of photos that were in focus.

6 Responses to “a new learning curve”

  1. Aww, I love the dog feet! (Move over, William Wegman!)

  2. you’ll get the hang of it quickly… the feet shot is very cool.

  3. I love sleepy pets. They are agreeable. 🙂

  4. julie .. I think I have. apparently there is a little dot that tells me when things are in focus; I don’t actually have to guess. LOL. gotta love google (or perhaps the instructions would’ve told me this as well).

  5. Dog paws are so cute!

  6. aren’t they!

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