a blip of color

I ran downtown at lunch for a long overdue haircut. As I walked from my car to 77, I happened across this spot of color. And yes, I really was the girl kneeling on the sidewalk, taking a photo of a garbage bin.

3 Responses to “a blip of color”

  1. that gray of a day, huh? =)

  2. Good eye! I’m trying to figure out how you did that with the color. Really cool.

  3. thanks, birdpress! the quick how – I created a second layer in photoshop, desaturated the original layer to turn it b&w, then made the second layer – still in color – active and used the lasso function to outline the garbage bin and the lower portion of the wall before applying a layer mask (which essentially took the colored portion I had just outlined and applied it on top of the original now-desaturated layer). If that makes any sense .. 🙂

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