somewhat – free day at the Japanese Gardens is not exactly the most peaceful of days to visit
the tour was fascinating – who knew how much thought went into these gardens!
for example, did you know that they are deliberately asymmetrical?
and that they are designed to be experienced with all five senses?
and that there are places that are intended to make you pause, so that your experience is prolonged?
being spring, the cherry blossoms were near peak in many portions of the garden 

10 Responses to “tranquility”

  1. if i wasn’t already married, this photo would make me want a spring wedding with my honey! i’ll settle for a picnic with my kids.

  2. 🙂

    Good read! Thank you!

  3. I envy you the chance to enjoy blossoms! Our forecast still includes temps below 40, and we are so snow-covered that I’m beginning to think we’ve moved into the Arctic circle somehow. I’ll just have to look at this photo and live vicariously through you. thanks!

  4. ann – I think a picnic would do splendidly. 🙂

    nora – yikes! I wish I could send you some blossoms in the mail, but I don’t think they’d survive the arctic temperatures. 😉

  5. The Japanese gardens at the Chicago Botanic Gardens were gorgeous and it is so interesting what goes into the design. There was a jagged bridge that was meant to keep bad spirits (I think) confused so they wouldn’t follow you into the garden. Pete was unimpressed with it all tho….

  6. all you need is a geisha under that tree….stunning!

  7. Visiting the garden was the highlight of my trip to Portland, just edging out going to Powell’s books. I wish I had been there when the cherries were in bloom. Perhaps next time.

  8. Ahhh I love Spring! :O)

  9. Beautiful! I love cherry blossoms.

  10. Where exactly is this located? I came across this while looking up outdoor places for a small wedding. I LOVE this!

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