all for a photo

as I was lying on my back outside my neighbor Emily’s door, trying to photograph this pot of flowers, it occurred to me that it might be rather awkward if she opened her door.
not because I would have to explain myself, but because she might actually step out onto my head.

5 Responses to “all for a photo”

  1. I’m laughing! 🙂 That would’ve been too funny. It was worth it. You got an awesome shot!

  2. perhaps one should invest in a helmet for adventures such as lovely picture!

  3. Imagine having to go to the doctor to explain that you have a giant stiletto mark in your head because you were laying on your neighbors front porch trying to take a picture lol.

  4. LOL. I’m safe there – she does not wear stilettos to work. 🙂

  5. I wish I’d step out and find you photographing something lovely in front of my front door! I wish for two things there: first, the surprise of you at my front door… and second, that there was actually something lovely photograph there! 🙂 Well… I suppose if you like fresh snow at the end of March, that could count… 🙂

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