tulips and religion

For some reason, these tulips are making me think of religion. Or perhaps it’s because it’s Sunday. Regardless, I read two fantastic books on religion this past week: The Irresistible Revolution by Shane Claiborne and The Scandalous Gospel of Jesus by Peter J. Gomes. Both were the kind of books that had me saying, “Yes. That’s it. Exactly. Thank you for articulating that particular thought of mine so well.”

3 Responses to “tulips and religion”

  1. Tulips mean alot to me and my faith (see the acronymn):

    Total Depravity (aka Original Sin)
    Unconditional Election
    Limited Atonement (the most contested of these doctrines)
    Irresistible Grace
    Perseverance of the Saints

  2. lfh – that’s really interesting! thanks for sharing!

  3. I love your tulip photos. 🙂 And, I am going to write down the titles of those books. I currently have about 6 books piled on my bedside table, so when I get those (or at least a couple of them) cleared out, I’ll pick up these.

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