my dear doggy

Tomorrow, my beloved little pup turns 5. For him, this is considered 40 in human years. It occurs to me that he might have reached a point in his life where he wants to make a few changes. What if – heaven forbid – he wants to trade me in! Maybe for ..
  • a newer, younger model
  • someone who doesn’t work full-time (though with the cost of his latest diet, he had better find someone who is also independently wealthy)
  • someone who is training for an ultra, so is out on the trails for hours daily
  • someone with cats
  • someone with acres of land and other dogs
  • someone with a king-size bed
  • someone without a camera
  • someone who doesn’t believe in ear cleanings and vet visits
  • someone who would never dream of making him wear a silly hat
In the meantime, he will have to be content with me. The one thing I do know is that he would be hard-pressed to find someone who would love him more.

6 Responses to “my dear doggy”

  1. That last part is true. Picturing a “little 40 year old pup” is cracking me up, though. Happy Birthday Atlas, from your older and wiser kitty cousins. 🙂

  2. My boys ask me to click on the “Dog” blog…they love the hats even if Atlas doesn’t!

  3. Amy – thanks, thanks so much. 😉

    Sue – I’m glad they enjoy it! I was looking for another hat yesterday but the only other one I could find was pink. I decided to spare him .. LOL.

  4. is that a string of drool?????……..he manages to look surprisingly nonsilly:)

  5. that’s the other side of his lip – sheesh. 😉 You know, he really does. Hmmm .. perhaps that is a challenge to me, to see if I can make him look silly.

  6. I appreciate your dear doggy. My dear ones really make my day.

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