up, up, and away

for some reason, this makes me think of spring
by the way, if one of the criteria for achieving any level of photographic skill
is a willingness to make a fool of yourself
in the pursuit of a good photo
there is hope for me yet
I had to lie on my back on the sidewalk
to take this photo
apparently that is not a common sight

9 Responses to “up, up, and away”

  1. this photo reminds me of Pooh attempting to fool the bees….

  2. speaking of fools in photography….i went to the mn. landscape arboretum and proceeded to chase a wild turkey throught the woods, determined to get a shot. I’m sure I looked quite the sight. I did get a photo, though, so yeah on me.

  3. It was worth it. I like this shot.

  4. I think perhaps it makes you think of spring because there is such hope in spring. Resurrection. Lightheartedness. Balloons seem to capture light-heartedness and aspiration… or maybe it’s just me?
    And thanks for going the extra effort! That was an even better picture! Ha!

  5. angie – it’s probably the lighthearted aspect. I do feel very happy and playful and lighthearted now that the drudgery of winter is thrown off (at least for a few weeks, LOL).

    ann – go you! I’m sure the turkey was appreciative that you wanted a photo shot, not a dinner shot. 😉

  6. Well you temporarily looking like a fool was worth it, it’s a beautiful shot.

  7. this photo is so happy! It is even better when I know you had to lie on the sidewalk to get it!

  8. i can definitely picture you…..ha ha people in portland are so lucky to have you for entertainment:)

  9. That *is* a happy photo! It makes me smile on this -5degree morning in sunny Minnesota! What’s great about that photo is that for all anyone knows there could be any number of things beneath that blue sky: snow, sand, grass, water, sidewalk… doesn’t matter! A blue sky and red balloons = happy!

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