spring green or spring mud

I’m participating in Happy Foody’s green smoothie challenge because I thought it’d be fun.
The other day, I was telling my little sister about the challenge, as well as about the yummy smoothie I had just made. It had about 5 leaves of cabbage, 2 pears, lemon juice, probiotics, and water. It tasted like spring!
“Spring?!”, she said. “You mean it tasted like dirt.”
“No – spring! You know – springy, light, fresh ..”
“If it actually tasted like something, you’d have a word to describe it. You wouldn’t have to use spring. Anyway, I think spring would taste like dirt.”
If you’re wondering, this one has 2 oranges, a Meyer lemon, half a banana, half a bunch of lacinto kale, and water. It tastes like a slightly tart orange. 

10 Responses to “spring green or spring mud”

  1. Lib? (you’re “Libby” for this one) I think you’re reachin’!

  2. Oye, that doesn’t sound very tasty.

  3. Hey girl! It looks delicious…although I am a banana girl myself. My smoothies have at least 2 bananas in them! 🙂 I love the orange in there too…so tropical. Keep focused…you’ll love the results.

  4. what a great photo! just out of curiosity, what type of probiotic did you use?

  5. I love the ‘taste’ of spring. I know exactly what you’re saying! I always say Cilantro tastes like spring to me – light, fresh. MMmmmmm! {It’s one of my favorite flavors.}

  6. ann – LOL!

    lauren – it tastes better than it sounds/looks, really!

    livelightly – it was! I was inspired by your orange tropical drink. I’m actually not a banana girl, hence the 1/2s. 🙂

    jennifer – thanks!

    jennifer – whew, I was starting to wonder if she was right. 😉

  7. Well, it looks pretty and springy, and if drinking that will make spring come more quickly, then I might be tempted. 🙂

  8. Sorry Lib, I think that I will just stick to winter flavors for now!!!

  9. ha, some ppl agree with me libby:)……little sister indeed, i’ll have to start calling you ancient older sister

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