a happy tummy

I like to cook on Friday evenings when I can. It’s a nice way to wind down after a busy work-week, especially when I know I still have work to do over the weekend. I was skimming my favorite food blogs the other night and saw a pancake recipe that included poppy seeds. They looked delicious, so I printed out the recipe.
I made them for dinner this evening. [Except that I didn’t have a lemon so I substituted a grapefruit, and I didn’t have buttermilk so I used regular milk and lemon juice.] The pancakes were fabulous! As was the citrus syrup – I can think of lots of uses for it.
Do try them!
Oh – if you’re considering just adding the sunflower seeds without toasting them – don’t. It really adds to the taste.

5 Responses to “a happy tummy”

  1. hi
    Its really a delicious post.. .This is really a good creation . Really awesome .Wow! I love pie and I love caviar but this is a bit over the top. … Thanks…

  2. This looks great… if you want a yummy springy meal, try Orangette’s Sliced spring salad with dijon red wine vinaigrette and have bread with hummus on the side. We had that last night… we’ll have to try this some weekend for brunch.

  3. amy – can you send me the link? that’s the one problem with her site – it’s hard to search for specific recipes, and I don’t remember seeing that one ..

  4. She has a recipe index site… it’s listed on her site under those similar names. They’re separate – the dressing and the salad.

  5. so this is what i am spending a ton of money for????????????…..you might have to convince me it’s worth it..i have to admit that they don’t look too bad, but you cant judge a book by its cover…..:)

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