so .. talk to me

me, I’m good.
but then again, when am I not. 

5 Responses to “so .. talk to me”

  1. Well at the moment I have kids on winter break with far too much energy…Me, I’m needing a cup of that Starbucks you posted a while back.

  2. Mark and Aapo just got home from running errands. Carter just woke up – at 10:40! He was busy snoozing in front of a warm fire all morning. And, I’ve been running through the blog world, thinking I ought to stop and get some stuff done around here, in my real life! 😉 I hope you have a great weekend!

  3. Hi Elizabeth. I love your photography. It’s fun to catch up on an old friend. My kids love your dog.

  4. sue – I wish you many cups of java! I could use both the energy and the spring break myself. 😉

    jennifer – you too!

    brita – hey – it’s nice to ‘hear from you’! I hope all is well. I’m glad the kids love the pup. Sadly, he doesn’t love kids nearly as much as they love him, mostly because they tease him and torment him and .. he tolerates it very well, but eventually gives me a sad look like “please – take me away from this!”

  5. I love you for many things, including: “Me, I’m good. But when am I not.” 🙂 That is fantastic!

    Good here, too. 🙂 Can’t complain after having had the opportunity to vacation!

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