total eclipse of the – moon

By Elizabeth

February 20, 2008


Category: outdoors

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I waited until 7 to run the pup so I could see the lunar eclipse. Well, there was no running involved. The pup did whatever he wanted while I meandered slowly along, eyes fixed on the moon. [Which, by the way, is rather hard when one is walking backwards or sideways and has a giant dog attached to them.]

The eclipse was well worth watching. It looked like a blot of ink had been inadvertently dropped on the thick yellow moon, causing the moon to slowly become suffused with the stain.

If you can, go outside and watch! 2010, when the next lunar eclipse will occur, is a long ways away. 


One Response to “total eclipse of the – moon”

  1. we were checking it out, too. Sonja was excited to look at it through Darrel’s binocs….although the excitement may have been due to her getting to stay up later than the boys in order to watch it!

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