the giant awakens

the more I stare at this photo
the more I can imagine it as a person
who is about to uproot its legs from the ground
and walk away
right in front of me 

5 Responses to “the giant awakens”

  1. I saw the person right away, she’s female

  2. yes, she is! though I cannot decide if she is wearing a dress or pants ..

  3. she’s hanging onto some clotheslines–during a storm. Must have gone out to get the laundry before the storm hit, but the laundry blew away, and she was left hanging on for dear life. okay, maybe not clothesline- it’s too taut for that.

  4. Or maybe she’s walking precariously across a rope bridge, holding onto the sides for dear life!

  5. yup, yup .. I can see both of those! Or – she could be a tightrope walker.

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